When you want to sell our second hand watch we can find several problems or doubts, and more: where to sell? who? which is the better price?...  and if we're making a good deal.

For this it is best to follow a series of steps:

1º) Features and value of the second-hand luxury watch

The first thing is to know the brand and model, that will be the starting point of the value of our watch; As if you have an original box, all your manuals and guarantees.

It is also important if you have an extra function like, for example: Stopwatch, Alarm, calendar...; Because they are well valued by the collectors.

And finally, the conditions of the clock: if the glass is scratched or worn, the crown, the strap (either steel, leather, rubber); If the latch is working properly and also the watch itself and all its functions.

To determine its value, we start from the fact that the watch, although is one of the luxury marks, is second-hand and; Therefore, its value may be well below the new product. But we can research on the Internet the value of models like ours or similar; Considering that the status of the watch can considerably change its price. Or if not, go directly to an expert who can make a real and fair assessment.


2º) Where to sell your second-hand luxury watch

We have two options to sell our Watch:

-Yourself through the Internet (search or auction sites, specialized forums) or in pawn shops, where it is necessary to devote more time in search of information, and where there is more risk of fraud or underestimation of the watch.

-By an expert that allows a faster, and secure sale, because they know better the market of the second-hand luxury watch, the value of the brand and the materials used.

On the one hand, there are the jewelries: specialized shops that buy to private individuals and tend to sell to merchants.

On the other hand, on buying and selling of Watches (, which is the most safety and good option, because they know perfectly the market and are able to offer the best price.   Cause they are in touch with the great collectors. In addition, they legally buy the second hand watch (buy-sell contract) and if you want to buy they assure you that the treatment and the origin of the watch is totally legal with a one-year warranty (invoice with serial number of the clock).


3º) How to sell your luxury SEGUNDAMANO watch

Either way, unless you go to a store in person, you will need to have good pictures of the watch and described if it exists, box and documentation. The photos should have good light and be done from the best perspective to capture all the details.

And, in addition, make a description of the clock with the maximum of possible data: mark, model and reference, materials of the belt and of the own watch, if it possesses original box and documentation, as well as guarantee, year, diameter...


For all this, at Colombo watches we offer you the possibility to buy and sell second hand luxury Watches (Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling...) in a serious way and with all possible guarantees.

If you want to sell your watch quickly, Colombo’s Watches is the best option, in a margin of 48 hours you will have the money in your account, whether you are in Spain or Europe. We work all over Europe.

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