The good weather is approaching and we begin to think about vacations or rest days.
The sun appears and we want to disconnect from day to day, enjoy the sea, the mountain...
You can think that it is time to get rid of everything that causes stress: dating, traffic jams, shopping ...; but not one of the perfect jewelry to take on vacation: a luxury watch. A unique piece that allows you to either bathe in the sea or make great dives,as well as taking walks or climbing the mountains.


Depends on what your way of enjoying free time, you can choose the model that best suits your needs without leaving aside the most modern aesthetics.
From COLOMBO'S WATCHES we advise you a watch with steel bracelet that is more comfortable to wear and better withstands any type of weather; for that reason, we leave you some suggestions that, in addition, you will be able to find in our web page.




A priori, it is the brand in which we always think, since it stands out in all fields, having perfect models for the sea and for the mountain.


On the one hand, we have the Rolex Explorer II that was soon chosen by speleologists, volcanologists, explorers ...; since, it supported and adapted perfectly to extreme conditions. In 2011, on its 40th anniversary, it was renovated aesthetically with which it has achieved a more modern touch and; therefore, it can always be worn.

It is a watch that allows you to distinguish daytime hours from nighttime hours, thanks to its 24-hour additional display which is essential if you find yourself in a cave where you do not see the sun or if you are in polar regions where it does not appear during the summer.


On the other hand, we have two iconic models for the world of diving, very functional, with large luminescent indexes and bright spheres: The Rolex Submariner that can hold up to 300 meters deep and the Rolex Deep Sea that is prepared for professional divers that can hold up to 3900 meters and is perfectly manipulable even with gloves on.

 But most watch brands have a specialized range of diving, for dives of lesser or greater degree.



Omega Planet Ocean: Perfect watch for oceanic explorations whose price can be more affordable. It has a completely current appearance, with bezel and ceramic dial, highlighting the numbers even more.

A watch that allows the diver to control the elapsed time, through the illumination in blue of the indexes and in green of the minute hand and the circle of the bezel.
In addition, if you want a more exclusive version you have the model "Michael Phelps" of which only 280 copies have been manufactured as a tribute to his 28 medals.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer: One of the best-selling watches (new price around € 3,000) as it resists water pressure in any area of life: direct immersion in the sea, up to 93% humidity, continuous sweat . In addition, the chronograph times the dives with a precision of one hundredth.





And for sports lovers and; in particular, there is an ideal model of football to start looking after the World Cup in Russia: Hublot BIG BANG Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ™: a large watch with a 49mm case with easy exchange of straps; since, it has one of black rubber and a rubber sport with logo of HUBLOT and of the 2018 World Cup, besides being able to choose the strap of one of the participating countries.
With this watch you can be up to date with everything that happens in the WorldCup.

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