Today who has not heard about the word "Influencer" accompanied by Instagram, Facebook or any other social network. This new paradigm has also reached the luxury watch market, both new and preowned.


An influencer is that person who could influence the final consumer of any product or service to buy it, it may be because we want to imitate that person or because it gives a certain social status. The influencers are from famous people (athletes, singers, actors ...) or recognized experts in a certain field, even an ordinary person who has many followers in social networks gets their opinion is taken into account by the rest.


Social networks are present in our every day, but not only as a new way of relating, but also to do business. It allows us to reach a larger number of people, who otherwise would not know we existed. Social networks have eliminated the limits: your products can be purchased in one click from anywhere in the world.


Therefore, the world of advertising has had to change the way you  show your product to your audience, both large companies and small. Big brands use networks to maintain their position and small brands have achieved a fast and effective way to gain a foothold in the market.


The Internet has allowed watch collectors to have greater access to information and a wider market to buy and sell; Therefore, the competition is huge. Google is the world's first information search engine and; for that reason, it has become a struggle of suppliers to get on the first page, since, nowadays, who does not have their own website?


There are many platforms to go to if you want to show your products to the public, but for this particular world, that of luxury watchmaking, Instagram works very well. The buyer / collector can easily access the information of the seller, see their lifestyle, opinions about their products, prices and this social network evolves very quickly allowing always to buy and communicate with the seller is fast and efficient.


And for the seller it is very simple to take pictures in any circumstance: in a bussines lunch, traveling, in a promotional event ... in which, in addition, a very elaborate image is not required, simply photos taking the watch in daily life with other brands of prestige of other areas (cars, Smartphone ...)


Instagram allows us to keep abreast of new trends, news of people we like to follow. This allows the world of the clock to move constantly by the need to always carry the latest and be different, thus getting more followers and; consequently, more sales. In fact, you get to sell a watch by Instagram before it gives you time to promote it via the web, YouTube ....


But the buyer can ask himself to what extent all those images he sees so perfect are as real as they seem and if the seller is totally trustworthy or just a facade. For this there is nothing better than looking for the provider's own page and see how much information you provide, both your own and watches: technical details, photos ..., but if, in addition, we can also see the real moving watch even better. One option is to go to platforms such as YouTube, the second search engine, and check the real state of the watches, with all kinds of details and admiring each movement of the same. This, in addition, gives us information of the seller and gives us greater security when buying.


That is, the more information and communication we can have with the seller and more detail of the watch we are going to buy, the better and safer the purchase will be. In addition to ensuring that the information is correct and up to date on any of your social networks.


For this reason, from COLOMBO'S WATCHES, we are always willing to help and advise you in the purchase and sale of second-hand luxury watches. We have put at your disposal all the information of the watches on our website, in addition to showing you the clocks through our videos on the YouTube channel and providing them with all the news of stock on our Instagram and Facebook page.

 In addition, we are always available in +34 667369067 to make the deal more direct and personal.



We wait for you.